Our platform will provide the advertising ecosystem you need, whether it's for promoting your brand or monetizing your users.

Develop Scalable and Successful Revenue Streams From Your Products






Mobile Apps

All The Tools you need are contained Within a Single, Simple Search Monetization Platform

Utilize feeds from the top search providers worldwide to monetize your digital products. With innovative automation that is continually developing, you can maximize your earnings while saving time.

Start now

Through a simple and straightforward implementation, you can start optimizing and monetizing right away with numerous search feeds to boost your revenue right away!

High-Tech Automation

Replace manual search feed management and optimization with automatic analysis algorithms and performance-oriented feed rotation. The automatic analysis algorithms and performance-oriented feed rotation we offer, will allow you to get rid of manual search feed management and optimization.

Stay Updated Wherever you are

You can access your dashboards and account from any device at any time to remain updated on your monetization activities.

All your Data in a Single Location

Receive all your reports in a single accessible dashboard and benefit from comprehensive API consolidation with other platforms for automated reporting.

Innovative Technologies

Allow our powerful optimization system to help you produce the largest amount of money from each of your users and goods.

Advertisements Monetization

Present to your users the most relevant advertisements that meet their needs and start profiting from the greatest monetization mechanism available - search monetization.

Protection Against Fraud

To avoid fraud traffic, our monetization technology communicates in real-time with third-party safety features.

24/7 Customer Support

Our support agents are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you and guarantee that you are maximizing your earning potential.


OPMAD is an advertising technology business established by senior industry professionals with the goal of developing solutions that truly benefit media buyers and digital asset owners. Our team of advertising specialists and technology experts combined their significant knowledge and skill to design solutions that turn products into profitable and scalable revenue streams for our customers.

Our vision is to provide an optimal search experience for our users. To fulfill that vision we employ a set of advanced optimization tools and search assist products. Check out our Breathie Chrome extension for a taste.

What Are You Waiting For?

Increase your search monetization and revenue instantly by converting your products into revenue streams.

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